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  1. There's f/m, f/f, m/f and now f/h lift and carry?!
  2. Donkey calf lifts
  3. lift a person or a sandbag
  4. "The old forum"
  5. difference in liftee and lifter who have same weight and strenght
  6. girls weight that most of the girl can lift
  7. surprising your girlfriend or wife
  8. To woman who lift men
  9. Which type of girl is most likely to lift/carry a guy ?
  10. ff single cheerleader stunts
  11. custom video
  12. getting in videos
  13. rate the WWE divas!
  14. What would you like to purchase from my store?
  15. which female celebrities could lift me?
  16. behind the scenes or in the movie
  17. mighty trinity
  18. OTS Fans
  19. Why don't many wrestlers struggle when they get picked up?
  20. Fat girls surprising slim women
  21. Blythe
  22. What type of woman would you like to be lifted by?
  23. can L&C fetish cause problems if...?
  24. do you think that a crotch lift can give a girl an orgasm?
  25. Your Top 5 "Pound for Pound" strongest lifters
  26. Has anyone ever taken the mickey out of you.......
  27. any Pro tips to get LNC out of nowhere, from strangers?
  28. Tips to get lifted
  29. Unfortunate & shocking instances of Lift & Carry
  30. Identify a lifter
  31. Geri Halliwell's capability as a lift and carrier
  32. who is fan of MfX ponygirls?
  33. Cradle without hands
  34. lift and carry session in madrid
  35. best female lifter are young girl or adult woman?
  36. Is there a name for this type of lift ?
  37. Continuing discussion: allffcradles, Ganju and Wolfe
  38. Melisa Inda
  39. Weigh ins in L&C videos!
  40. Which girls you would like to see more in my store ?
  41. What field of celebrity status do you fantasize most about women carrying you
  42. Lift and Carry Webcam Shows
  43. Typical girl cradle fails
  44. Jennifer Thomas's Lift and Carry Challenge
  45. Get maxine back
  46. What's your favorite Lift and Carry position?
  47. Looking for old stories
  48. Do you prefer being lifted by taller or shorter girls?
  49. The Magic Moment
  50. Can't f-ing waut...
  51. Someone can please tell me..
  52. Location
  53. any studio for custom clips?
  54. Do you feel embarrased if a girl lifts you whilst in public
  55. Can anyone explain something ?
  56. Thread for reviews of custom
  57. Acrobatic shows in the tv
  58. Lift & Carry contest : tall slim girl vs short fat girl
  59. Looking for videos.
  60. Big girl and the runner
  61. Question to people who live in India
  62. Animation Lift & Carry Request Mixer
  63. Japanese lift and carry videos.
  64. Amazing clips
  65. Heaviest lift by a gal?
  66. Lift & Carry Bar Games
  67. Lift & carry chat room ?
  68. List of adult stars that would make great lift and carry videos
  69. New Story from daller3000dk
  70. Has Mila Kunis been lifted by another girl?
  71. lesbian
  72. Tips for a first-timer
  73. Girls that we have to look in the future
  74. Worth paying girls to practice L & C?
  75. Facebook announces new search engine
  76. Big guys and Lift & Carry
  77. Adult lift and carry sessions
  78. Sandwina
  79. L&C coverage in mainstream media
  80. Reddit?
  81. Lift and Carry sessions in Mumbai
  82. SleepyRealm.com
  83. POLL: How many global L&C fans?
  84. I would like to know which are the types of people who are on forum
  85. POLL: Prefer to be lifted or to watch others lifted?
  86. Legends Football (Lingerie Football) League is Back
  87. Violence
  88. lift and carry paid website
  89. favourite pornstar lifter
  90. favourite actress lifter
  91. Science for Sexy Cradles
  92. self-control
  93. If you were a girl/woman...
  94. SEX changed couples
  95. New L & C Sport
  96. biggest weight difference lifters ever?
  97. Tall Strong Women L&C Tiny Women
  98. Why L & C fetish,appear most in older men instead of younger ones?
  99. Lifts to do at a L/c session?
  100. ff lift cary stories
  101. Is lift & carry dying ?
  102. Forum Game: How much can she lift?
  103. Another good video...
  104. Any good Web Cam chat sites
  105. lifted against your will?
  106. has anyone ever had a problem with clips4sale?
  107. A question about models?
  108. favorite amazonbitches video
  109. orgasm during a lift
  110. Lifted by girlfriends
  111. Major Setback For Indian Fans
  112. Name for "lift"
  113. Do you want to know details about l&c pics or you don't care?
  114. Prague and Vienna
  115. What's the heaviest lift and carry you've ever seen?
  116. Specific Lifts Vs General Clip
  117. do women like to lift men???
  118. Help Akulova Family!!
  119. Ordering customs with Sleeperkid, Slamminladies, Fwa Grappling, etc
  120. Do you know any good acts were the female is the base and the male is the flyer?
  121. Best video we found, an advice for other lift & carry fans.
  122. women lifting women and men lifting men (omg)
  123. Photo of Wife Carrying Double-Amputee Marine Husband Goes Viral
  124. Do you have a defining Lift and Carry Moment?
  125. Why most L&C fans prefer smaller female lifting bigger male?
  126. Do you prefer Spontaneous Lifts?
  127. Little Nostalgic
  128. Fantasy F/F lifts
  129. IDEAS For Those Who are disappointed with the lack of NEW L&C content
  130. The name of this liftee?
  131. what creative things do you do during sessions?
  132. Problem while getting a piggyback
  133. How to Get Lifted
  134. What Excites you the most ?
  135. New story from me
  136. Women who does skype session?
  137. Custom Videos anyone?
  138. Which would you prefer?
  139. Cradle Carry animation/pose for Skyrim
  140. Does anyone know how to rip Instagram videos?
  141. L&C in Mumbai
  142. narod.ru
  143. How hard is it to lift a person overhead
  144. Why is L&C so famous in India?
  145. Lift or be lifted?
  146. Anybody realize they prefer doing the lifting?
  147. adventure serie tv with girls/woman
  148. Please be careful
  149. curiosity
  150. favorite f/f l&c types
  151. How many of you are considered successful?
  152. Protecting your L&C archive
  153. Question regarding Session Providers
  154. Which is your favourite clips4sale studio?
  155. highly recommend
  156. lift and carry convention
  157. Is The Thrill Gone?
  158. Donation money for lift and carry
  159. Lost lift and carry videos
  160. Lifts In The Movies
  161. Is This A Fetish?
  162. Review of Rapture's lift and carry
  163. Who have you told?
  164. How did you find out?
  165. Cheerleaders strenght
  166. roleplay in sessions
  167. Serious advice and question
  168. Best piggyback in Movies (f/m)
  169. Is LC another Regression Fetish?
  170. erections when lifted
  171. high shool lifts
  172. What Tribe Are You?
  173. Question For F/F Fans
  174. buying clips4sale
  175. find f/f lift & carry videos
  176. Lack of F/M Production
  177. Old youtube videos
  178. Old f/f video
  179. Which girls would you like to see involved in a ff of mf lift?
  180. Do you know of any armpit lifts?
  181. Best videos on clips4sale and other websites
  182. Anyone knows the name of this liftee?
  183. how much weight of dumbell is equavalent to a 90lb girl?
  184. Sleepy Realm
  185. FF L&C : the mystery : fetish without interaction
  186. What do you think
  187. Archive channel Dailymotion
  188. Piggyback poll
  189. You can still search webshots with this link
  190. How would you set up a store?
  191. dating fetish websites
  192. Do you know of any F/F front lifts or reverse front lifts?
  193. What determines ability to lift?
  194. Story about 6'8" Amazon Cinthia
  195. any women here?
  196. SSBBWs Angie Kimber & Bella Starr
  197. short thick girls lifting tall, skinny guys
  198. short, thick Asian girls lifting tall, skinny white girls
  199. Mi girlfriend doesn?t want to lift me.
  200. Domination Lifts
  201. article about how to lift a man overhead
  202. Do you know of any photos or videos where the girl getting lifted looks embarrassed?
  203. Anyone know of any 'armpit' lifts?
  204. Does it have to be Lift and Carry?
  205. Dominique Danger L/C Website
  206. Indian L&C
  207. Ariana Grande
  208. Lifted by bigger woman
  209. Anyone know who is in this video?
  210. Need help finding the right sessionette
  211. Is it Cheating?
  212. Lift and Carry Session
  213. soft or hardcore lesbian
  214. How strong should your dream girl be?
  215. Some Advice
  216. Crossfit And Other Events (F/F)
  217. Escorts in manchester
  218. Lift & Carry in Chicago?
  219. You Are The Producer
  220. What happened to strangemisadventures?
  221. Possible New F/M coming Soon
  222. misstress treasure or annie rivieccio
  223. appeal for help
  224. privilige
  225. Women who love (the idea of) lifting men overhead etc...! And also training for those
  226. Amsterdam hookers' lift and carry
  227. Uk
  228. newbie
  229. How many videos do you have in your lift and carry collection?
  230. lift and carry producers in florida
  231. Dominican poison
  232. your longest lift?
  233. Throat Lifted
  234. Overhead Lifts
  235. How much do you need L&C?
  236. Girlnextdoorflex?
  237. Have you ever be dropped?
  238. Age extremities...
  239. Lift and Carry lingo in different languages.
  240. lifted by shorter, heavier girl
  241. Male lifting a BBW/SSBBW
  242. Very public L&C
  243. Discussion: Brides carrying grooms!
  244. Paris Fashion Week: Models Wear Each Other...
  245. What makes someone being turned on when he sees a younger girl lifting an older one?
  246. What does it take to start a clip producing company?
  247. Anybody know Serenity's real name?
  248. Female lifting
  249. Piggybak Rydez.
  250. What do you enjoy the most in lift and carry?