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  1. Thrown and caught by a girl
  2. Lift and Carry in italy
  3. Someone knows something about these actress and about the film?
  4. Bodysitting
  5. Chloe Lusa
  6. Happy 2016, and reflecting back on the past....
  7. Takiros Ponygirls
  8. who is this girl?
  9. Hotlinking
  10. Best Website to buy lift and carry clips besides clips4sale.
  11. Please help me find a program that can i can upload thumb nails and share in forums
  12. L&C at Red Light Dist.
  13. How would you feel?
  14. Do you know of any F/F photos or videos where the liftee looks embarrassed?
  15. all girls can lift twice of her weight
  16. Plus Size Models
  17. Making WNBA basketball sexy and amazonic!
  18. Opening up a Clips4Sale
  19. Hello to all
  20. Most intense lifting
  21. What are your L&C pet peeves?
  22. Size Perception in LC-Pictures
  23. hentai lift and carry
  24. Can tennis women lift heavy
  25. Best personal lifting experiences, or most surprising ones?
  26. Armpit Lifts
  27. ever wish you had a different fetish? or no fetish?
  28. Anyone have any good F/M overhead lift stories
  29. have you ever lost weight to make L&C easier?
  30. Anybody of you carried over the threshold?
  31. Can some belly dancers lift and carry?
  32. Young guy lift mature woman
  33. Who is stronger? You or your wife/girlfriend. Or do you have equal strength?
  34. Can ballerinas lift and carry man?
  35. Neat little scenario.
  36. Anyone been piggybacked/lifted by girl half your size or less?
  37. lifts in comics! help with sites
  38. The New Lift and Carry reality show
  39. Lift and Carry in pantyhose
  40. Pantyhose Lift and Carry Story
  41. lift and carry me !
  42. Any1 have real life lifting experience Videos or pics
  43. Tall and heavy
  44. Boston
  45. Thick Thighs
  46. How Many Girls have lifted you?
  47. six foot nine inch female model
  48. Your dreams comes true
  49. A L&C Choose your own adventure story
  50. anyone good at editing clips?
  51. strong female swimmers
  52. Lift & Carry Games
  53. Some kind of L&C event in Atlanta?
  54. Strong female fitness athletes
  55. Women wanted.
  56. Article and video about beautiful fitness women
  57. Anyone know of this old clip?
  58. Anyone have pictures or videos of themselves getting lifted?
  59. Need more (real) throatlifts
  60. Are there any "artistic nude" L&C pics?
  61. Lift and carry clips with Sexvilla3d/Klub17
  62. Tinder
  63. Lift & Carry in the UK
  64. College tumbling and acrobatics
  65. M/M section
  66. F/F lift and carry
  67. Which country do you live in ?
  68. Best orgasm lift and carry related
  69. Favorite cartoon for lift and carry
  70. Need advice
  71. Wonder woman
  72. Strong webcam couple
  73. Regarding reaching heaight in Shoulder ride
  74. Videos with many lifts by one
  75. Imagebam and Imgbox WILL CONTINUE OPERATING (edit, see page 4)
  76. Tips For The Best Lift Carry Session Ever
  77. Multiple person lifts - weight distribution
  78. Best thing a lifter could do while lifting.
  79. Interesting article in chinese newspaper.
  80. Interesting female muscle clip
  81. Impressive lift article....
  82. Possible mixed wrestling story
  83. Looking to understand
  84. Does most riders enjoy being dominant and in control ?
  85. Carry partner in Holland
  86. Looking for a Lift and Carry F/F Video
  87. Happy Halloween!
  88. is it posible to cum in a cradle lift
  89. 6'5" Rebecca Lobo and 5'3" Muggsy Bogues at NBA All-star game
  90. Is L&C not a widely known thing?
  91. Piggyback time according to deadlift stats
  92. L&C Near Misses
  93. Do you know girls that like being carried or happen to be one?
  94. What would you like to see more in a video ?
  95. Korean Drama and KPOP Lift and Carry!
  96. How many women have you carried by yourself?
  97. How many women have you carried by yourself?
  98. Introduction
  99. Guy riding a beautiful ponygirl on all fours
  100. Custom video price sharing
  101. Throwing up liftee within a cradle
  102. this woman could be a session goodness?
  103. Lift with multiple women
  104. What do you like more? Sex or L&C
  105. how you can bring a women on the street to lift you?
  106. Lift and carry in Virtual Reality
  107. How many times have you been lifted by girls(Whether by one girl or different girls)
  108. Being lifted in public
  109. What is the future of Lift & Carry?
  110. liftingfems
  111. How to ask?
  112. Webcam Couples Who Do Lift & Carry
  113. Do you think it's cute?
  114. Lift and carry with girlfriend
  115. How often do you come in a paid lift and carry session
  116. Have you ever told a male friend about your L&C fetish?
  117. Vr lift and carry
  118. nurses
  119. Does it get harder as you get older?
  120. Do you dream about L&C ?
  121. Tall
  122. What are the best sites to request or buy amateur lift videos?
  123. How does your weight favor you?
  124. How about being lifted by a woman...?
  125. How does your ideal l&c fantasy look like? And have you been able to expereance it?
  126. Can I get lifted?
  127. Contact Improvisation
  128. Suggestions for hangouts to score lifts?
  129. Overhead lift in a session
  130. Did anyone ever download clips from Ben Bilmem Eşim Bilir?
  131. Do you also like to lift women?
  132. My wife loves lift and carry
  133. Wife being lifted
  134. So a lot of media is gone from the forums...
  135. Did you ever carried a girl like this?
  136. Close-up and POV L&C Shots?
  137. TECH help please:) ..
  138. Thoughts on robots lifting humans?
  139. who do you think gets lifted
  140. Does height matter in a lift and carry?
  141. Best female lifter for bench and armpit lifts
  142. The Problem with Instagram L&C Compilers
  143. Games, VR and stuff
  144. Dakotarose new girl on sessiongirls
  145. New milf into lift and carry (Leeds)
  146. Last l&c tour before Xmas in Leeds 19th-20th Dec
  147. Thinking about taking bookings 27th-28th in Birmingham or London would anyone be int?
  148. Informative - about L&C
  149. Crotch Lifts - why doesn't the rest of the world notice?
  150. What is sexier from being lifted - the lady fails to lift you
  151. Overhead Lift experience
  152. Why do we like lift and carry
  153. Continued Twitter Harassment
  154. Filming a Live Session
  155. Is only F/F? Or there here also M/F lift?
  156. I understand but help me and please someone explain me
  157. Lifting advice needed
  158. Dream girl that you haven't been able to session with?
  159. Has Lift & Carry ever affected your Dating life?
  160. Lifts at strip clubs
  161. Cradle which way do you prefer
  162. Front lift is very good
  163. Real lift and carry fails?
  164. Archives for dead sites?
  165. "piggyback challenge in public"
  166. UK fans
  167. Fav lift by celebrity
  168. Is anyone else embarrassed to tell girls about being into lift and carry?
  169. Is lift and carry a little gender revolution between male and female relationship?
  170. Question about L&C
  171. What happened to the "Lift and carry fun" by Ganju?
  172. Jealousy? Boasting?
  173. L&C as a workout routine?
  174. places to possibly find lift carry
  175. Convince girlfriend to try more lifts
  176. Man Lifted with feet dangling
  177. Access to other forum
  178. Where is everyone from? Have any of you ever met another member?
  179. Finding the producers of the Old Lift and carry fun site
  180. Does Reality ever live up to the Fantasy?
  181. Personal lifts with pics..........
  182. Strangely no longer interested in L&C... or any kinks
  183. they fight back
  184. Hiding erections
  185. Ssbbw/bbw lifted by male
  186. Crossfit wedding.....
  187. sex swing
  188. Crazy Carries
  189. How many women do you feel generally enjoy lift and carry?
  190. kidnapping lift and carry
  191. custom clips
  192. Imgbox
  193. R wwe divas stronger than a man of my size and can they lift me overhead??
  194. lifted against your will
  195. Man being carried by woman to toilet like kid
  196. Favorites in lift and carry
  197. Wifeworld email
  198. Have you had before a successful marriage/date/hookup with woman stronger than you?
  199. Interesting scenario
  200. Lift and carry sex toys
  201. Best webcam site for lift and carry
  202. Which lift do you believe is the hardest to perform?
  203. UK strongest girls
  204. Great Lift and Carry Game (with pics).....
  205. Do you think you'll enjoy LandC for your entire life?
  206. Is there a place outside this forum where we could all chat uninterrupted?
  207. What do you think of Role Reversal?
  208. Is it cheating if you're in a relationship and have a lift from other girl?
  209. Idiots in youtube comments
  210. how to get a woman to lift another woman
  211. CN-Babies
  212. Is it possible to make a session NOT feel like a session?
  213. Ways to make lifts more comfortable?
  214. L&c in asia film
  215. What is your preferred state of the liftee?
  216. Is L&C ultimately about her enjoyment rather than yours?
  217. Deepfakes
  218. Camille Green -- anybody session with her?
  219. App that allows role play
  220. Humiliation - is it even possible in sessions?
  221. Pictures/Videos of Women tossing men into dumpsters?
  222. Top 10 Best Lifters and Carriers
  223. Positions from Easiest to Hardes
  224. Overhead Lifts - What do they feel like?
  225. Best outfits for girls to wear during lift and carry?
  226. Sessions in the time of COVID - any difference?
  227. Lift and Carry - Remembering It as Better Than It Was?
  228. Sessions are Intimate... But are they also manipulative?
  229. Lift and Carry in the Ocean
  230. Using Reddit for L&C
  231. Besides session wrestlers, where else can you find girls to indulge L&C?
  232. Is wanting to be dominated really wanting to be rejected?
  233. How picky are you when it comes to LC content?
  234. Cradle Discussion
  235. Request a piggyback ride
  236. Anyone seen this new TikTok trend (MwahChallenge)??
  237. Someone from Portugal here?
  238. My perfect session L&C
  239. The art of L&C
  240. L&C session
  241. Onlyfans.com accounts
  242. 5,000!
  243. Have these inactive session wrestlers ever had videos where they lifted a guy before?
  244. L&C sessions with athletic but non-bodybuilding women?
  245. Pornhub mess
  246. How do you get to that special place in your head during sessions?
  247. school (high school) lifting
  248. unexpected lift and carry
  249. Whats do YOU love most about getting shoulder rides from a girl?
  250. How to tell if a woman is strong?