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  1. Lift and carry in VR?
  2. Do you masturbate to LandC?
  3. Unpopular opinions about LnC
  4. Anyone ever carried by a hooters girl
  5. Will schmoes save female body building?
  6. Cradle Lift Difficulty
  7. Best outfits for lapsitting
  8. Have you ever had an Orgasm while being lifted?
  9. Would you rather get cradle carry or sit on a cheerleader's lap
  10. What do you like best about piggyback rides?
  11. Maria Manic - offering sessions... for real?
  12. Are 30 minute sessions worth it compared to 60 minutes?
  13. watch your wife or girlfriend lifted by girl
  14. What actress lap you like to sit on?
  15. Am i / are we weird ?
  16. Can i cure my fetish?
  17. What's the most you've ever paid for a custom video?
  18. Lift and carry Dating
  19. Natural session wrestlers who can lift&carry heavy people
  20. Dez Desire - need help with Shoulder surgery
  21. Has anyone talked to a specialist about the psychological reasons for your fetish?
  22. Outside this forum, do you know anybody that has this fetish?
  23. Dealing with trauma
  24. Which athlete or sessionette could overhead press a 200lb person..
  25. Are there any lifting methods that you just can't get behind?
  26. Do you prefer the lifting aspect or the carrying aspect?
  27. Can I get banned by posting nonsense stuff
  28. Is Throatlift Even Physically Possible
  29. Dirty talk before/during lifting.
  30. What about roleplay/sexting L&C scenarios?
  31. Do you find you focus on the lifter or liftee more when watching clips?
  32. How do each of you justify the cost of a session?
  33. In your experience, which of these proved to be a better session?
  34. work horse Texas
  35. clip of lift and carry in webcam
  36. Sensual feeling of a Shoulder ride
  37. How much storage space have you used when collecting lift and carry clips?
  38. Would you say you are dominant or submissive?
  39. Watermelon Challenge
  40. Mighty trinity
  41. Do you get an erection during a piggyback ride?
  42. Onlyfans Lift and carry
  43. Lift Carry Scenes in Pakistani/PK TV Shows/Serials/Dramas
  44. Best place for fictional lift and carry stories
  45. Double lift and carry
  46. Amazon Annie seems to have quietly “retired”
  47. Almost* witnessed piggyback rides at the mall!