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Killpussy June 24th, 2021 23:57

Killpussy London Lift & Carry Specialist
Hello Guys and Girls, yes I love lift and carry. Also I have a lot of clips for you too. Here is just one of my latest with the sexy Laken Fire. Oh yes ladies and gents are lifted regularly.

KPW254 Old School lift and carry with Laken Fire.


themasterkavar June 25th, 2021 01:59


Originally Posted by Killpussy (Post 255503)
Hello Guys and Girls, yes I love lift and carry. Also I have a lot of clips for you too. Here is just one of my latest with the sexy Laken Fire. Oh yes ladies and gents are lifted regularly.

KPW254 Old School lift and carry with Laken Fire.


Thanks for joining us here, KP! I have bought a number of your clips over the years, they are quite excellent and I’d recommend them to everyone here. Also enjoyed your guest appearance on the After Hours wrestling podcast. Had me laughing quite a few times!

Whenever I make it out to London (2020 trip was postponed), there’s a few sessions I’d like to try to set up; you, Pussy Willow and Laken for sure!

Killpussy June 25th, 2021 08:56

Available for Lift and Carry
Hi Themasterkavar I look forward to your session when you're able to be in London. Thank you for the nice review of my clips too. Presently it is 19th July 2021 before I can go fully back to sessions with C-19 safety in place too.
Check the website, a link in my profile.

aloknath June 26th, 2021 04:25

I'm also a big fan of your clips! Great work.

One suggestion - I'd love to see more lift/carry clips for sale with you lifting women other than Laken, Scorpion and Honey! A larger selection of liftees would be great!

Killpussy July 2nd, 2021 07:54

Laken Fire finds out why I'm called Killpussy
Hello Guys,

For all those who want Laken Fire clips, new for July is my latest, where she finds out why I'm called Killpussy. Lots of Lift and Carry plus more.


Killpussy July 15th, 2021 15:09

KPW261 London_Wrestler in some Lift and Carry..
Hi Guys,

I will soon be available for more Lift and Carry sessions when the lockdown ends. Of course safety will still be the highest priority.

In the meantime why not indulge in my latest clip.

KPW261 Little London Can't Get Enough of Being Defeated FULL

The littlest wrestler with a mighty heart is back again for more punishment at the hands of Amazonian Wrestler Killpussy as London returns to be destroyed in the ring yet again, in this extended length Female Pro Wrestling clip. Fans of Lift & Carry clips will find a lot to love about this clip as Killpussy lifts tiny London up in the air repeatedly and effortlessly, while London's legs flail in the air helplessly as she demands to be put down.

pgbk0000 July 16th, 2021 15:18

"Killpussy Lifting Safa Warda" Clip Unavailable
Hi Killpussy, big fan of your work! :thumbup1:

I bought a few of your Lift & Carry clips recently and when I downloaded the clip "KP0141 Lift Her High Killpussy Lifting Safa Warda HD", I got another video of you in a catsuit doing some wrestling holds to a guy (KP0142 Shiny Catsuit Bondage Struggle). I then viewed the preview clip and it showed you in a catsuit trying to tie up the guy instead of you lifting Safa. I know there is another clip of you lifting Safa where she is wearing a leopard print outfit and I was able to receive this clip, but is the other clip of you lifting her not available?

I kindly suggest that you delete this clip off of your clips4sale store so that other people do not waste their money buying it thinking that it is a Lift & Carry video when it really is not. Hopefully you can put the actual clip of you lifting Safa in the future if you still have it. Please and thanks! :)

Killpussy August 6th, 2021 17:54

Clips on C4S

Thank you for downloading those clips and enjoying them as much as I did making them.

I shall check the clip in question so no-one feels cheated as that is the very last thing I would want to happen.

Killpussy x

Killpussy September 7th, 2021 21:29

Wrestling Amazon from London
Hello you wonderful Lift and Carry fans,

I am assembling a few of my clips, just for you, so keep an eye on the thread.

This one is more wrestling but with lots of lifting and carrying Laken Fire.

KPW259 You know they call me killpussy right Laken

The voluptuous ebony wrestler with a spirit that won’t quit, Laken Fire, returns for more punishment at the viciously strong hands of the indomitable warrior Amazon Killpussy in this punishing Female Wrestling clip. Laken Fire has a reputation for being everyone’s favourite victim, and you can certainly see why as her pussy takes a vicious pounding form the appropriately named Killpussy, yet Laken refuses to throw in the towel.

Stay tuned for more Lift and Carry clips.

Killpussy September 19th, 2021 20:28

With the sexy Miss Zoe. More wrestling but some L&C
Hi Guys,

Oh yes I'm back with the sexy Miss Zoe...

KPW266 ZOE get a face bashing

Poor innocent Zoe Page’s beautiful face is about to get a thoroughly brutal bashing at the hands (and ass) of the powerful and sadistic Killpussy today as Killpussy easily overpowers her little opponent and dominates her for the length of the match. We barely get to see Zoe Page’s ass as it disappears deep inside Killpussy’s buttcrack in this Face Sitting heavy clip

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