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Default My feedback

Hey brattyfootgirls, here is my feedback.

First of all, thanks a lot for the new video, I enjoyed it a lot, like I did with the others.

What I liked:
The under the armpits lift; the comparison between Vanessa and Lizzy; the crotch lift, when Vanessa put her arm under Lizzy's crotch; the attempted throatlifts.

Suggestions for improving the video:
1) you could begin with the two models dressed, for example Vanessa was great in the clip with Luna, with that business suit on and really high heels, this makes the comparison astonishing. Lizzy (or Luna) could wear a short skirt and a jeans jacket, this would allow Vanessa or JC to perform the lift by the collar of the jacket, both can do that without any problem. After this phase both girls could remain with bikini on, exactly like you did in the last clip and in the one with JC and Luna.

2) A great plot would be with the lifter dominating the liftee, with the liftee first being mad at the lifter because she cheated on her boyfriend (or something similar), attacking the lifter but not being able to provoke any injure or pain. The lifter first being shy and then suddenly deciding to dominate the liftee beginning to lift in every possible way.

3) The technique of the lifts. For the armpits you can always use the wall, without it's of course more impressive, but when the lifter is not able to hold the liftee anymore then the wall can be used as support. Vanessa did that in one under the armpits and probably you noticed that the result was fantastic! The same is valid for the throatlift. Vanessa is strong but not the strongest one, so she could do the throatlift with two hands or with one hand on the throat and the other under the armpit. It's important that the liftee jumps a little bit, the lift becomes easier.

4) JC could really try the overhead by the crotch, the lift by the face, by the jacket collar, by the throat two handed but holding the liftee against the wall with only one hand, I already saw her doing this (masked as she-male) and she could do it again for sure, just ask her

5) A really important detail: please show the whole body of the models during the hardest lifts, it's awesome to see the feet of the liftee when the lift begins (and also later).

Thanks again for your clips, simply loving them!

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