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Originally Posted by brattyfootgirls View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, we always listen to you guys as evidenced by the last clip. We will try for sure some new stuff in the next one. A lot always comes down to the lifter is she can actually perform some of these lifts. Lizzy and Luna are basically the same size and weight so Vanessa can do most lifts but not all ie over the head two hand throat etc. trust me we always try it before we start rolling to see if it will work. I may try to get JC down again in Sept. At the moment we don;t have her scheduled. But we will work on it and we are always looking for newer girls too that you won't find anywhere else!

Great Bratty, looking forward to it! JC is surely stronger, I saw other videos and she doesn't have any problems with the 2 hands throatlift. In one video she even lifted a girl with one hand on the throat and the other under the armpit, then held her against the wall by the throat with just one hand and the arm stretched. I think she is strong enough to do the overhead, it depends of course also on the liftee.

On the other side, I saw Vanessa lifting Lizzy by the throat with two hands in another video... of yours. Maybe you remember it, it was the one where Vanessa and 4 other girls lift eachother.

Thanks again!
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