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Default Kaycee's Feats of Strength

Kaycee is out to prove she is the strongest female lifter, and doesn't hold anything back as she uses Choice to prove her case. Kaycee warms up with a bear hug before beginning a series of squats and calf raises with both one and two legs with Choice on her back. She then put Choice on her hip and spins her all the way around to her body until she is on her back.

Kaycee performs cradles where she throws her into the air and then catches her, lunges, wall squats and even lifts her on her shoulders and actually runs up the stairs! She easily performs multiple gorilla overhead presses with Choice and even walks around the room with Choice raised high overhead. She performs airplane rides, single arm lifts and also wears Choice like a backpack and performs squats on her toes.

One of the great things about this video is also watching how much Choice enjoys being lifted! She actually comes up with some of the challenges for Kaycee, and is so excited when she can do them.

Kaycee is truly awesome in the video, so if you like seeing a true amazon dominate a little girl, you will absolutely love this video!
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