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Default It's Nearly The Witching Hour...

Hi Guys,

Who would you want/dread meeting on the Halloween Witching Hour?

KPW272 Halloween Special with LakenFire

Evil has a name.. And itís name is Killpussy! In this terror fueled and action packed short film, Killpussy the Evil Witch humiliates and terrorises her poor neighbour Laken Fire in increasingly creative and cruel ways.
When Killpussy learns her neighbour Laken has been spreading rumours about her through the community, she conjures herself into her apartment where we Lakenís long night of torment begins. The evil enchantress Killpussy doesnít hold back, and puts Laken through the literal wringer as she casts spells on her, mesmerises her, ties and beats her using anything at hand, punishes her in wrestling locks, spanks and whips her in what might very well be the ultimate horror themed lesbian domination clip of all time!

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