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Syo Kirishima
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I rather get lifted by a cute girl mostly because it's kinda unexpected. Nothing against a female bodybuilder, but already knowing she could pick me up and possibly snap me in half kinda ruins the surprise effect, despite (possibly) being good too (I was never lifted by a bodybuilder woman).
Getting a piggyback by a cute girl is just perfect to me, the ride wouldn't probably last long but I would feel every second from it.
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Old September 2nd, 2020, 05:06   #12
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Default Transit

I do prefer watching... last time Iīve been lifted by a girl, felt sorry for her, it was a great efford, and I couldīt stop thinking "she may get injured doing this" Specially when both were drinking...
When watching, 100% f/f L&C, the beautiful one must be carried by the not that beatiful... works better for me... the opposite... donīt know... makes me think "at what time that poor beautiful girl is goning to stop that huge effot" and when she stops, there is only one word in my mind.... "finally"
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Old September 3rd, 2020, 03:46   #13
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For me it's all F/F so there's just watching. I like both girls to be feminine and pretty and if one is prettier or more feminine than the other I prefer her to be the liftee but the best is if they're equal in beauty. I don't care much for displays of strength or overt domination. I like tender, intimate, playful or some combination of the three and for both girls to enjoy it. The best is actually if it's just completely acceptable and a non-issue for them, like no big deal. Completely natural and normal in their world.
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Old September 14th, 2020, 15:10   #14
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It's very subjective but for me I enjoy it when the girl is pretty - my friend who used to lift me was very pretty yet very strong and although considerably smaller than me made it look affortless and that's what made it so enjoyable.
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