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Originally Posted by 5supermb View Post
I?ve recently met a guy on Twitter who has been scammed out of lift & carry custom videos and since he?s not a member of the forum I thought I would share some of his stories to warn other members who to look out for!

First of all was Sumiko, who made him wait 2 years before receiving his custom whilst using every excuse such as she?s sick, they had to reschedule or that her kid was there and wouldn?t respond to emails for weeks or months. He also got ripped off by Katana Kombat as well as Anethyst Mars who blocked him on Twitter and never sent the custom. A model on Manyvids called ChellSterz also ripped him off and Macy Cartel tried to scam him by sending him a custom that he had already done with another model. He is also currently waiting for a custom from Mia Martinez who hasn?t been responding to his messages for weeks so she may be added to the list!

From my own personal experiences I have thankfully never been ripped off although Rapture once quoted me $975 for a 10 minute clip and then continued to harass me through email for months when I told her that it was too expensive
Damn that is some tough luck, and highlights the need for a thread like this.
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