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Fantastic, Calvin! The two girls are similar height and not much difference in weight, I think. What are the weights? I imagine what the very strong lifter could do with a 90 - 95 lbs tiny girl. I would bei amazing. Any chance to perform this? The lifter should be new clips with tiny light girls and these fantastic overheads

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Originally Posted by calvinklein View Post
Hi people. I am back with something after a long time.
This has to be the closest to our dream overhead press video. Hope so. No words to describe, just watch it!


Preview clip:

Get the full clip here:
Hi Calvin,

I just bought your new video. Absolutely awesome lifts. Very happy with it.

I was hoping that the lifter would do some overhead presses with the liftee once she lifted her in the air as it was so easy for her (pressing her up and down a few times while keeping her above her head) but maybe that is something you could do on your next overhead clip?

Thanks again for finding a way to make another awesome overhead video.
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