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Default Female muscle experiences

Have you ever had real life experiences with muscular or stronger girls/women? This could be anything from seeing a muscular girl in public over a lost armwrestling match to dating a muscular or stronger girl. I'm looking forward to read your answers.
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Hi there, yes my ex was stronger than me and my current partner, although not stronger than me is working out/ lifting weights and is looking super hot because if it
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Default re: dating strong women

I know this is kind of an old thread, but seemed like a good place to put this.

I started talking to some women via Facebook dating, recently. (Apparently, it doesn't even work from a computer and regular web browser. It's only an option if you use their program on your phone, which I think sucks... but it is what it is.)

Just like out in "daily life", you aren't going to find many muscular women on there. But I noticed that at least around where I live? They exist on there, but not so much if you're just looking for your typical athletic-looking girl. When I run across those types? They're usually skinny/slender and say they're into yoga or working out, but they're just on a weight-loss kick vs any interest in building muscle.

I've been more likely to find them based on their job, followed by their stated interests outside work. For example, there's one lady I found who works at a massage therapy chain. (You know they're going to have above-average arm and hand strength from having to give massages all day long.) Then she mentions in her interests, "Going to the gym" -- but she's no skinny little thing. Pretty face and nice curves but a big, thick, tall gal who I'm sure weighs about 230-250lbs. Pretty obvious she's not at the gym just to lose weight.

Another possibility are the ladies working in nursing or home health-care roles, or possibly aides/assistants at places like psychiatric wards. These are women who have to deal with helping pick people up and move them around or restrain struggling people while someone tries to medicate them.

Obviously, there's SO much more to dating than just focusing on an interest in if she's strong or not. But this is just something I've observed. And at least when it comes to women in the nursing field? They're usually pretty open to talking about the subject, since they consider strength a part of "good health", which they're all about in the first place.
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