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minimaxde, may be you looking for Olga Liashchuk and not Tania Zubro?
She participate with Lidiia Hunko usually,,,

Originally Posted by minimaxde View Post
Hi Calvin,

I love your last clip with the strongwoman and the model with chair-lift and under-armpits. I looked for the girl, the one is Lidiia Hunko, one of the best strongwomen on earth and the other is named with Tania Zubro, but I cant find anything about her in the net. Does she have an other name? I found a new clip with these two girl, I think, made in the same session. Fantastic overhead reps by the strong girl.

Can you produce more with these fantastic girl?
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Tania Zubro is the girl that is lifted overhead by Lidiia, there is an Instagram account from her, but I see no other informations of this pretty lightweighed girl. Is she actress or model? Maybe the kyrillian signs are the problem I have. Anybody knows something from this 48-kg-girl?
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