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Originally Posted by mdavidstar View Post
It's been a while since this happened, because we're so busy, lately, but I used to love sitting on my wife's lap while she kissed me and gave me a handjob.

I remember how nervous I was, five years into our marriage, when I finally admitted I wanted to do this. I was too scared to actually say it. I just said I had a fetish and that I was nervous about telling her what it was. Then I brought up lapsitting pic on the web.

My wife smiled at me and said, "You can sit on my lap any time you want." Then she patted her thighs and said, "Come on!"
Nice!!!! I'm way over 5 years in. Good for you for having the courage to tell her. My wife is honestly more into being lifted (she loves it actually and so do I). She has told me in fact which in retrospect, would have been an opportunity to tell her.
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some experiences of women enjoying their guys sitting on their laps
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kb2005 (February 13th, 2021)
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Default Lapsitting on the loo

Hi all. Thankfully I have found a place to be open & honest about my kink/fetish.

I am not in to lift & carry as such, I am most definitely a lap sitter, I have been all my life & more importantly I am a keen, active lap sitter of ladies whilst they are relieving themselves. I love all the things about lapsitting that the rest of you do with the addition of having a serious love of her releasing number 1ís & number 2ís as I enjoy the comfort, security & romance of her lap. I would say that I most commonly sit astride my lap partner as I love the feeling of her body/abdomen as she pushes against my crotch as she squeezes & pushes whatever she is secreting from her bladder/bowels. Feeling her between my legs, under my bum & the fantastic cuddle that I can get in this position is what draws me to this position the most however Iím not opposed to sitting across her lap as I have done this & enjoyed it too & letís not forget the old sitting on her lap with my back to her but this is probably my least favourite of the 3 positions as I am not only stimulated by the touch sensation but also visually I love to look in at her face as well as the audio & scent of the whole situation.

Obviously the toilet is where this takes place but I do dream of outdoor scenarios involving makeshift toilets of various different construction as well as free squatting and wall sitting. I do have many stories regarding this topic that I would be glad to share if anyone is interested.

All the best
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